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Baptist Mission

The Netherlands is a low country; just over 50 percent of its area is below sea level and is protected by dikes and dunes. The Dutch are continuously engaged in reclaiming land from the sea. There are approximately 1253 persons per square mile, the second-highest population density in the world. The people of the Netherlands are tolerant to a fault—pioneering legislation for tolerance in the matters of drugs, prostitution, abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage.

Bible Centered Ministries International

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Christian Aid Mission

Partner with Local Missionaries in Netherlands

European Christian Mission

ECM is church planting in Maastricht. We are also intending to begin church planting in other Dutch towns and cities. The office of ECM Netherlands is situated in Deventer, home to 35 Dutch missionaries working throughout Europe.

Hans Borghuis

Hans Borghuis is a passionate international speaker, modern pastor and preacher. He leads church services weekly, interdenominational, in the Netherlands and abroad. Hans also trains, guides and coaches in churches and organizations.

International Teams Netherlands

The iTeams NL Office team supports the two sides of mission: the work on the field and the home front.

Life & peace international

The Life and Peace International Foundation was founded in 1998 and is registered in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce under number 33306801 as a non-profit organization for training and developing people.

Ministries to Netherlands’

OMF International

Operation Mobilization USA

The Netherlands has a strong Christian tradition with thriving churches but has also become one of the most secular countries in Europe

The Netherlands is well known for its art and rich historical heritage. It is a small, but densely populated country on the West Coast of mainland Europe which has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The birthplace of famous artists such as Rembrandt and van Gogh, the Netherlands is considered modern and forward-looking today.

Youth for Christ Netherlands

Youth for Christ Netherlands offers relational youth work with about one hundred paid employees and more than two hundred volunteers. We build relationships with young people and are there for them. Through our words and actions we show the love of Jesus.

Youth With a Mission Amsterdam

We are a community in the heart of Amsterdam who pursue Jesus, disciple and equip as we minister to our city, nation and the world!

Youth with a Mission Netherlands

YWAM Netherlands is a ‘family of ministries’ with over 200 fulltime volunteers working in training, evangelism and mercy ministry in more than 10 locations. YWAM The Netherlands (in Dutch ‘Jeugd met een Opdracht’ or JMEO) was established in 1973. In its 40+ years of ministry thousands of people have been impacted in The Netherlands and from the Netherlands into many nations.

YWAM Netherlands

See the city in a whole new light? Look Up is a ministry dedicated to helping people see life from a different perspective in and through the city of Amsterdam.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Heidebeek,

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Heidebeek, situated in Heerde, the Netherlands, is part of YWAM international. Heidebeek is one of more than 1,000 centers of this interdenominational missions organization established in over 180 nations. Worldwide this organization has about 20,000 staff.